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With energy prices rising and the cost of business going up, it simply makes good sense to improve your energy efficiency.

PACIA energy+ provides simple, practical and targeted information to help you take action, reduce your energy consumption and costs, and achieve efficiencies. The program is targeted to businesses in the chemicals and plastics industry, particularly those with less than 200 employees.

As our coach and all-Australian tobogganing champion Shane Jacobson says, PACIA energy+ "is a must for keeping your business in tip-top shape". Shane also shares some special tips on saving energy. Watch this video to find out more!

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All the tools and information you need

The PACIA energy+ portal helps you tackle energy efficiency in a structured way, which will improve the results and make best use of the resources you have available. Before you delve into the four topics, we recommend that you explore the “Getting started” page and learn about developing “Your energy plan”. Doing this initial groundwork will pay dividends in the longer term.

Getting started

Discover how to get the most value out of the PACIA energy+ program for your business.

Your energy plan  

Lay the groundwork to maximise your energy efficiency savings and cost reductions.

topic one

Topic 1: Energy purchasing and generation

Find out how to get more from the energy you buy and reduce costs by optimising your energy purchasing.

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Topic 2: Energy usage of existing equipment

Discover how to drive down costs by maximising the operation and energy efficiency of your key equipment items and building. 

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Topic 3: Equipment replacement and consolidation

Learn how to unlock energy saving opportunities by reviewing and consolidating your processes, and replacing your equipment at the right time.

Topic four



Topic 4: Energy performance and business productivity

Find out how to achieve ongoing energy improvements across your entire business, by aligning your business reporting with energy performance measurement.